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16 avril 2020 | Security | Pascal Gillet

Asguard, a security solution for bringing sensitive code into the Cloud

Estimated read time: 23 minutes

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This article presents a security solution implemented as part of a project led by Stack Labs on behalf of one of our customers in the space sector. The purpose of this project was to migrate a legacy application to Google Cloud (Lift & Shift). It is a sensitive application, as its source code is the fruit of a real savoir-faire in satellite imagery analysis, with algorithms developed in-house over many years.

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17 mars 2020 | Micronaut | Olivier Revial

A Micronaut introduction

Estimated read time: 11 minutes

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Until not too long ago, when we wanted to develop JVM microservices, there wasn’t much choice beyond the almighty Spring Boot. This is not true anymore with the arrival of frameworks such as Eclipse Microprofile, Helidon, Quarkus or Micronaut. In this article we will focus on Micronaut framework to discover how we can use it to develop microservices through a simple hello-world app example.

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11 août 2019 | Revue de Presse | RDP

Revue de presse du 12 aout 2019

Temps de lecture estimé : 4 minutes

Petite lecture de plage 🏖avec cette dernière revue de presse. Toutes les news et les articles que nous nous sommes partagés en interne ce mois-ci sont condensés dans cet article. En bonus, nous vous proposons 2 livres que nous avons retenus. Bonne lecture et bonnes vacances à tous !

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